The perks of being a HGV driver

If you are planning a change of career or having trouble deciding what career to take up on, do not rule out the Transport & Logistics Industry. A job of a LGV or HGV driver is to drive commercial vehicles, for example Lorries, tankers, and transporter/trailer wagons and work with warehouses, distribution centres and factories planning deliveries and carrying loads from one place to another.

Holding a Cat C, Cat C+E, Cat C1 licence & Cat C1+E HGV license is the most sought-after skill in the UK that benefits you with leverages that you look to get out from every career.

Listed below are just a few from many advantages that tag along with this path of choice.

An opportunity to see the entire country

Your career as a HGV driver can take you to some beautiful places that you didn’t know about or you wouldn’t go visit otherwise. You get to experience different practices and norms, different foods and bars, diverse people and landscapes of various places all across the country. The best part is that this career offers you to travel the country and explore new places which if offered to any person would result in an immediate affirmative.

The privilege of being Free

Quit thinking about shaving, showering and getting dressed every morning you wake up to leave for work only to sit on a desk and interact with a nagging boss. These are the perks that every human wants in their life, the freedom to be your own boss, the freedom to set your own working hours, the freedom to take frequent smoke and coffee breaks and not being questioned about them. It becomes even better if you are an introvert by nature. You’ll find all the flexibility and freedom (which no white-collar job can offer you) by tying yourself to this industry.

The abundance of money

On an average, a HGV driver makes about £35,000 per annum making it as one of the highly paid careers in the UK. There has been a decent amount of raise in these figures in the last few months which make this career even better to pursue. The incentives, bonuses and travel accommodation discounts that you receive depending on your performance are an icing on top. Some companies also provide you with medical and health benefits. With an untying job like this, you are literally getting paid for exercising, eating your favourite foods and taking a 40 minute break every 2 hours. There’s nothing that can be more ideal than that.

A secure and dependable career

A HGV licence holder and joblessness or poverty can never go hand in hand. Government statistics show that 1.65 billion tons of payloads were carried from one place to another only in the UK. Considering that and considering the fact that there is a high demand for qualified HGV drivers across the country, it will be wise to say that this career can never let you down in terms of job security and reliability.

Growth opportunities

There is a lot of success and progress potential in being a HGV driver. Over the period of time, working as a HGV driver you acquire the ability to work better under various circumstances and your client interaction skills improve to the most extend. By this time you are an expert with road safety and paperwork as well. With such experience the opportunities for advancing in this career expand to a 100%. You’ll find better paying loads and favourable routes. If you are well trained and best for in what you do, you’ll find many opportunities to shift into dispatching and management. You can also become a fright transport planner or an LGV driver trainer and instructor.

Working for 40 hours a week with all the perks and advantages and not to forget the adventure and thrill that you get out of it, can’t be that bad of a deal. In fact, it’s probably the most suitable and reasonable deal to make money under favourable and ideal prospects.

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