What’s life like for a Lady HGV Driver

Lady BUS LGV HGV Driver Training in UK

Some people might still consider trucking a ‘male dominant’ industry but this was proven wrong when years ago the first female HGV driver, Lillie McGee started with her driving career. Ever since, there has been a significant increase in the number of women joining the industry day by day. According to a study between the year 1995 and 2014 women were issued more driving licenses than men proving that the profession has nothing to do with being a male or a female.

The HGV driving industry has revised itself over the years making things much easier so more female HGV drivers can pursue the career. The changes that technology has brought in the world i.e. constant monitoring of the roads and places, and faster communication has satisfied female drivers in terms of this career. The best part is that there is no such age limit for following this career. You must be 18 and above to qualify for your HGV license.

Common concerns & misconceptions related to a Lady HGV driver

  • Driving an HGV is a man’s job only. WRONG. It is true that there are many things in this career that gives people the vibe that women are not capable of getting the job done. For example, roping/sheeting and using chains if you are carrying heavy loads and not to forget the flat bedding. But to be honest if a woman is physically strong and suits for the job then she deserves the job. Women can handle all these things as conveniently as men can. The physical aspect of this job doesn’t matter too much if you are working smart.
  • What about college/family/relationships? These are the questions female HGV drivers get the most. And every female driver answers them in her own way. Quite frankly, all these things shouldn’t be any more of a concern for female HGV drivers than male HGV drivers. All these things are as important to men as they are to women.
  • Female health matters. The health concerns that relate this industry are similar for male and female drivers. These things tend to happen even when a female is a doctor, a therapist or an athlete. Some common health issues like, migraines, backaches and hypertension can target both the genders.
  • Women are bad drivers. WRONG. Women are very defensive drivers. Just if you are curious, the fact is, it’s less likely that a female driver will get into an accident than a male driver.
  • The harassment. It won’t be wrong to say that women don’t get harassed, because they do go through some or a tiny bit of harassment in many industries. But the fact is that there are all sorts of people out there but mostly people are always happy to help if they find a female in trouble.

Useful Tips for female HGV drivers

  • Be courageous, upbeat and confident. If you are hesitant in carrying out various tasks that your job requires thinking that they are associated with men only, then you are misguided. In the lorry business, it is important to be confident in your body language as well as your speech.
  • Choose a resultant training school. To improve how you are at your job, you must choose a school that trains you to be ready for whatever comes by. You will find the confidence for this job by getting trained among men and by learning from professionals. New Wave LGV Driver Training School is a great option for that.
  • Be wise with your security.
  1. If a place or the scenario doesn’t look or feel right, get out of it immediately.
  2. Find parking spots up front instead of the back isles.
  3. If you company allows it, keep a dog.
  4. Always carry a mobile phone with you.
  5. Inform your family and friends about your whereabouts.
  6. Refrain from taking isolated shortcuts at night
  7. Always keep the doors locked.

There’s hardly anything that men can do and women can’t. Like any other profession, females will find it a little hard to settle but once they have, they can conquer the world.

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