Personal Fitness Training – How to keep your clients motivated

As a fitness trainer you get to work with various individuals with different patience levels and different attitudes towards achieving their goals. Many people who seek a personal fitness trainer are ready to welcome the change but they take some time to comprehend the whole new life and the hard work it brings with it. If you don’t have a suitable approach towards training your client you might find them losing interest, making excuses, skipping the sessions or not giving their 100% to work towards their goals.

A personal trainer Instructor not only is responsible for the physical but also the psychological well being of the client. It’s comparably easier to motivate people who are not lazy and are actually familiar to this lifestyle beforehand than the people who are pursuing this decision for the first time in their lives, and to be honest a little motivational head start always works the best.

Here are a few tactics you can use to frame motivation among your clients.

Maintain a Compelling & effective communication with your client

  1. A positive communication with your client is the first step towards motivating them to attain their goals. Make sure you specify the gym and training terms to them. You don’t want to give them an impression that they’re reaching out for something that’s very tough.
  1. Make your instructions clear and straightforward. While interacting with your client, give them a feel of the challenge by setting up some targets for them to achieve. Giving them precise directions and training can make any goals uncomplicated and doable for them.
  1. Inquire about their concerns or least favourite things to do. Daily routine problems play a vast role in putting a person off of their motivation. Ask your clients some questions about their likes, dislikes and fears regarding the entire fitness training programme.
  1. Address their problems and rage-quitting. Your client should be able to talk to you about anything regarding their fitness training. If they feel they’re concerned about something or if they suddenly have an urge to leave the fitness training out of anger or frustration or for any other reason, try to find a solution to their problems.
  1. Be confident in what you commit. Your clients will be expecting you to give your 100%, therefore, you need to be sure about the commitments you make and the fitness training you provide. Your commitment towards your job will provide them with the motivation about getting the expected results. Plan your fitness training sessions in advance and provide them confidence that you are a specialist at what you do.

Make the fitness training a fun for them

  1. Play the upbeat music that will boost their mood and energy. Right kind of workout songs can make a person more motivational towards their fitness training and can uplift their spirits. You can also attend our ‘Exercise to Fitness Course‘ to learn more about this method of fitness training.
  2. Encourage them in finding a fitness partner. It’s always better if two people are working out together because you get motivated looking at the other person workout and also you can achieve many things by simply having a personal quick competition.
  3. Suggest some motivational books, movies or articles. Suggesting some movies your clients can relate to can expand their interest levels and make them idealise the situations you’ll put them in during the their fitness training course.

Employ Motivational training strategies

  1. Give them a variety of challenges each time to maintain their interest. Come up with different new challenges and tasks each time to make them realise the limits they can push their bodies to. A little change will keep them motivated and they’ll look forward to conquer a new challenge each day.
  1. Help your clients set rewards and incentives for themselves. Make them a little greedy for their favourite things after they complete each stage of their fitness training.
  1. Make them feel comfortable during a session. During their fitness training sessions, your clients should be comfortable enough to reach out to you, talk to you about anything and discuss the issues they are having in their tasks.
  1. Appreciate and praise them constantly. This works like magic. If you keep telling your clients how well they are doing and how fast are they going to achieve their goals with the way they are working towards them can make them work even harder. Acknowledge their hard work.
  1. Be pragmatic with the training. Don’t make them do what they hate doing. Every individual is good at one thing or another. Find the potential in your client and set realistic goals for them accordingly.

Keep a close contact with them

  1. Keep sending them reminders. Remind them of their goals so they keep away from everything unhealthy on their course to getting fit.
  1. E-mail them different articles, new innovations and news about fitness. This will serve as a reminder to them each time.
  1. Keep connected through social media. Facebook, Snapchat, twitter can help you know your client better.
  1. Give them homework. Assign them with something to keep away from laziness and keep them up and going.

Recognising that your client will be at their best with merely 40% exercise/training and 60% of motivation can always encourage you to think more ways to keep them happy and motivated throughout the fitness training. Being a personal fitness trainer it is utterly important for your career that you stay patient with all your clients and bring them back to the track if you feel they are losing it.

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