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Become a Professional Chef

Most students who enrol in cooking classes for Professional Culinary & Chef Diploma Course, have the aim of becoming a professional chef. As well as cooking up tasty recipes in the kitchen, as a chef, you may also be asked to assist in a number of administrative and managerial tasks involved with running a restaurant, and our cooking courses train you to progress your career in food and hospitality sector.

Becoming a top chef takes ambition, dedication, passion and skill. If creating dishes and meals at home excites you more than anything and you can’t wait for the next opportunity to show off your kitchen skills to friends and family, it may be that Cooking Courses are for you.

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0% Course Funding Options

Don’t let the financial hurdles get in your way, we have 0% funding option to pay off for your training.

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Chef Diploma

How Professional Culinary & Chef Diploma Course Would Progress My Career

Our Professional Culinary & Chef Diploma Course could just be the first step in a very rewarding career in the culinary industry. As you have countless of ingredients at your disposal when cooking, similarly you have a number of options open to you when choosing from a wide range of culinary careers after you have completed your training.

While a number of graduates from our training go on to careers in restaurant kitchens, there are numerous other opportunities open to you, such as planning events (either on a employed or self-employed basis), consulting on menu design or meal preparation, working on a cruise ship while travelling the world, or even teaching at a training school.

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Culinary & Chef Diploma Course Jobs & Career Prospects

After completing your Culinary & Chef Training Diploma course, typically, you would begin as a trainee chef (commis chef) or kitchen staff. After gaining experience, you may find yourself with the opportunity to progress to a section chef (station chef), where you would be looking after a particular area, such as desserts.

Your next step could be as a sous chef, which would see you running a kitchen by yourself when the head chef is busy. As a head chef, you will be involved in running the kitchen, creating menus, and managing the budget. You may have the option of specialising in such regional dishes as Indian, Chinese, or Thai.

Chef Diploma Course

Chef Diploma - Frequently Asked Questions

For our Culinary & Chef Training Diploma course, we have numerous payment methods available, including an interest free instalment plan. Our Career Advisers are always available to go through the options with you and help you to decide which option is best for you. We advise that you discuss your circumstances with one of our Career Advisers who will explain your options to you in full detail.

New Wave Training School provides you with a choice of flexible and convenient methods of payment for whichever course you ultimately choose. If you are looking to enrol on the Culinary & Chef Training Diploma course, you can pay the balance of the course upon enrolling. Or if you’re prefer, you can pay a 10% deposit when you enrol, with the remainder of the balance due 28 days prior to the start of the course.

There are a number of options when it comes to funding your Culinary & Chef Training Diploma course. You could of course pay for the course personally, by either cash, credit card, or cheque. If that isn’t feasible, there are personal finance or Government funded options open to you. Additionally, there is a number of specialist industry schemes for those who are leaving the armed forces

Additionally, help may be available from government funded agencies such as community based projects and job centres.