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With our experienced instructors, will take you from where you are to being a qualified and fully competent forklift operator. We are a team of qualified professional Forklift training instructors in the UK providing willing students various kinds of Forklift training including counterbalance, reach truck, multi directional and very narrow aisle. We offer our students to train on either a reach truck or a counterbalance truck.

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Counterbalance Truck Forklift Training

Counterbalance Truck Training

These solid and ingenuous machines are the most commonly found forklift trucks in the UK. They are handy because they can be driven straight up to the purposed load.

These machines are great in terms of balance and that’s exactly why they are rightly known as counterbalance trucks.

Reach Truck Training

These trucks differ from the counterbalance trucks in many ways especially when it comes to carrying the load. They can only go forward once the load is securely picked up.

If you are looking to use a forklift inside a warehouse then these machines are optimal for that.

Reach Truck Training

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Rough Terrain Forklift Training

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An outdoor forklift perfect for farms and unsteady grounds.

Side Loader Forklift Training

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Great for mobility and can be driven in all four directions.

Telescopic Handler Forklift Training

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Once you master the art of handling this complex forklift, your job prospects will shoot sky high,

Powered Pallet Truck Training

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Powered truck to lift pallets

Orders Pickers Forklift Training

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Horizontal pickers ideal for warehouses where short and long distances are required

Scissor Lift Forklift Training

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As the name suggests, great for higher places.

Forklift Training

Forklift Operator Job Prospects

If an operator passes these three areas of forklift training, then they qualify to hold a license for operation.

This license proves that a forklift operator has been proven to be competent to operate this machine safely. We also offer refresher training courses for operators should the need for it arise.

This license proves that a forklift operator has been proven to be competent to operate this machine safely. We also offer refresher forklift training courses for operators should the need for it arise.

To find out more about career progression, please speak to our dedicated course advisors on: 0800 368 7570

Requirements for Getting Started

You should know that there are no hard and fast requirements for forklift training. A few of the usual requirements are here below:

  • The minimum age requirement for forklift training is minimum 17 years of age in some circumstances, otherwise its 18. The age depends on the weight and complexity of the vehicle. However, the government of the UK has made rules of not letting anyone under the age of 17 operate a vehicle in the public place. So that makes preferred age for forklift training 17 or 18.
  • The health department of the UK again has no hard rules for the medical examination of the drivers. They recommend a thorough medical examination before being employed as a forklift driver in order to give them a certificate of clearance regarding their health. The driver must not be handicapped or have any illness that can contribute towards putting others at risk. So basically any person who is 18 and physically fit to handle large machines is eligible for forklift training.
  • Apart from our forklift training courses, we also help our students with career counselling and we ensure to assign each student their personal coordinator who helps them during their forklift training with whatever their concerns are.
  • We have dedicated and responsible training instructors who are always pushing their limits to provide you a high quality forklift training that will open your ways of earning a good amount of money each passing year.
  • We never want to burden our students in any way and that’s exactly why we provide all the equipment needed for forklift training so that there comes on pressure on our students. This saves up so much time and money of our students which they can later invest in other things happily.

Forklift Training Requirements

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