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Become a Professional Photographer

At the New Wave Training School we teach you the technical basics of digital photography through distinguished and successfully experienced Instructors who help you learn a sum of things about photography in a more practical, theoretical and fun way.

We provide you with professional photographers as mentors so you can bring your creativity to the table and your imaginative vision to life. With a thorough study of both manual and aperture modes of a DSLR. You’ll experience a modern and advanced way of learning various important and unique photography techniques.

Our main and foremost priority is to enhance your ingenious and creative skills to make you stand out at your workplace. Along with various projects and practical training we educate you to become a professional photographer in whichever genre of photography you choose to pursue.

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0% Course Funding Options

Don’t let the financial hurdles get in your way, we have 0% funding option to pay off for your training.

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Photography Courses

Photography Course Outline & Modules

Because of our priority of you getting undivided and complete attention from our skilled instructors we focus on keeping the group sizes of our students small and proficient. Our Instructors have created a meticulous digital photography course based on a high standard of training that includes slightest of the details to help you with your photography career in future.

Learn to Master your Skills in Photography through a Detailed Course in Manual Handling of a DSLR Camera

Our modules include training you in the basics of photography in both manual and automatic modes that include; the science of shutter speed, aperture, flash, post processing and choosing the right gear for yourself. We teach you the technical functions of a DSLR camera and help you become an expert at different photography genres.

Get an Insight to Camera Equipment & its Various Uses

We provide you with thorough knowledge of equipment for professional photography which covers the insight to full frame and crop framed DSLR bodies, manual and auto-focus lenses, flash guns and much more. Moreover you learn the science to work with light and shadows as well as tricks and tips about post processing of the results to your or your client’s liking.

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How Our Photography Courses Would Progress Your Career?

With our photography courses specifically designed to teach you everything about cameras and photography on a basic, intermediate and expert level you will be equipped to make your way in the world of arts and culture.
Work for Various Influential Industries
We help you choose an area of specialisation and interest for yourself and continue to make a career out of it. The demand and scope for trained professional photographers is increasing in industries like fashion, medicine, sports, media and education. With our training you can progress to become from a Photojournalist where you’ll be working with press and media to a scientific photographer where you’ll be working with hospitals and labs.

The career options for an artistic and qualified photographer are endless in the world dominated by media and arts. We at the new wave training school ensure your career security by training you to meet the standards of a modern world.

Digital Photography Courses

Photography Jobs

Photography Jobs

Because of diverse areas of specialisation in photography and the remarkable digital photography courses we provide you, the prospects of you getting a desired job become infinite. Many distinguished organisations have empty number of slots for competent photographers.
Endless Job opportunities in Media, Science and Education
With our digital photography courses you can easily score a job paying up to £30,000 per annum especially in the major cities of the UK like London, Manchester and Birmingham. Your career can land you in press and media industry working for magazines, newspapers and television as well as medical industry working for hospitals, asylums and research labs.

We safeguard your job opportunities and present you with envision of your own studio and workshop In the future where you can earn commission on top of your projects. Apart from these job opportunities, after completing your digital photography course, you can work as a commercial or portrait photographer providing your services for weddings, events and advertisements.

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