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Studio Cycling Workshop Course

Studio cycling ranks as among the most popular classes in fitness centres today, creating further opportunities for fitness instructors. If you feel that you would be the kind of instructor who would enjoy providing a sociable and fun atmosphere, studio cycling may be the class that suits your personality.

You can be slotted into a ready-made schedule, allowing you to arrive, teach your session, and get paid. If you love to motivate people and have a passion for cycling-based activities and if you love to teach people how to get fit with studio cycling classes, you will enjoy our Studio Cycling Workshop Course.

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Don’t let the financial hurdles get in your way, we have 0% funding option to pay off for your training.

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Studio Cycling Workshop Instructor Course

How a Studio Cycling Workshop Course Would Progress My Career

A number of fitness classes, such as studio cycling, have increased in popularity in recent years. As a result, specialist courses have been introduced and there are now training standards for fitness instructors that specialise in these studio cycling classes. Our blended learning style of independent study and practical training will ensure that you reach these standards and equip you for the working world, in a supportive and friendly learning environment.

Our passionate Studio Cycling Workshop Course instructors will deliver sessions designed to motivate and inspire you all the way up until the end of your training. Once you have completed the course, you will have achieved a qualification that is recognised throughout the industry. From there, you will be able to apply for fitness instructor roles in any fitness centre or gym in the UK.

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Studio Cycling Workshop – Job Prospects & Career Progression

After completing our Studio Cycling Workshop course, you could go on to become a group fitness director or even progress into a managerial role within a fitness or leisure centre.

Alternatively, you could take the self-employment route, where you would hire space from dance schools, gymnastics facilities, or karate studios, for example. You could even teach in work spaces as a mobile instructor. If you decide on this route, you would, of course, be able to charge whatever you wish.

You will also need to be business-minded and deal with such matters as liability insurance, promotion, payment and purchasing any equipment you may need, such as a sound system. As you can see, the world is your oyster once you are a qualified fitness instructor.

Studio Cycling Instructor Career Prospects & Job Opportunities

Studio Cycling Workshop Course - Frequently Asked Questions

For our Studio Cycling Workshop Course, we have numerous payment methods available, including an interest free instalment plan. Our Career Advisers are always available to go through the options with you and help you to decide which option is best for you. We advise that you discuss your circumstances with one of our Career Advisers who will explain your options to you in full detail.

New Wave Training School provides you with a choice of flexible and convenient methods of payment for whichever course you ultimately choose. If you are looking to enrol on the Studio Cycling Workshop Course, you can pay the balance of the course upon enrolling. Or if you’re prefer, you can pay a 10% deposit when you enrol, with the remainder of the balance due 28 days prior to the start of the course.

There are a number of options when it comes to funding your Studio Cycling Workshop Course. You could of course pay for the course personally, by either cash, credit card, or cheque. If that isn’t feasible, there are personal finance or Government funded options open to you. Additionally, there is a number of specialist industry schemes for those who are leaving the armed forces

Additionally, help may be available from government funded agencies such as community based projects and job centres.

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