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Fitness & Active Leisure Courses

The fitness industry is constantly evolving, and, as a fitness professional, you need to be aware of the latest techniques. Training with New Wave Training School will equip you with the latest knowledge and methods coming out of the industry. Each of our courses will also teach you how to motivate people of all ability levels to ensure that you are a fully-rounded and competent fitness instructor.
For more information on the courses on offer, see the following:

Level 3 Personal Training Diploma
Personal trainers are very highly regarded within the fitness industry. When clients are looking to go that extra mile in pursuit of their fitness goals, they call upon the services...
Personal Fitness Trainer Instructor Course
If the idea of helping people improve their physical fitness and body shape motivates you, then our Personal Fitness Trainer Courses just may be for you. As a professional Personal Trainer Instructor
Studio Cycling Workshop
Studio cycling ranks as among the most popular classes in fitness centres today, creating further opportunities for fitness instructors. If you feel that you would be the kind of instructor
Exercise To Music Instructor Course
If you consider yourself to be versatile and you are excited by variety, a career as an exercise to music instructor could be for you. No longer are exercise to...
Gym Based Boxing Workshop
Gym based boxing workshop course classes have been designed to provide fitness instructors with a skill that can complement their existing skill base. Alternatively, it is a great option for those...
Metabolic Conditioning Training Workshop Course
If you have a passion for physical activity and enjoy a love of fitness, you will get a lot out of teaching metabolic conditioning classes and our Metabolic Conditioning Training...

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Start a career paying up to £32,000 per year

Professional IT and Computer Training Courses

IT is an industry that is only going to increase in demand. Training in web development, or any other field in IT, is a smart move for anyone pursuing their first career. In fact, it is equally true for those seeing a higher salary and considering another role. No matter where you currently stand in your career, New Wave will equip you with the skills you need to succeed in a very rewarding and lucrative industry.
For more information on the courses on offer, see the following:

Network Administrator and Infrastructure Specialist
Become a Certified Network Infrastructure Specialist With our Network and Infrastructure Specialist Course at New Wave Training School, we prepare you for a rewarding career in a role that is...
Software Development Courses
Start Your Career As A Software Developer Software developers are born problem solvers with exceptional analytical skills and an ability to think outside of the box. They are also creative...
Web Development Courses
Progress Your Career As A Web Developer Skills and knowledge are typically the most sought after requirements in the field of web development. The Web Design and Development Course at...
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Culinary Chef Training Courses

There is great demand in the culinary industry, yet there is not enough qualified kitchen staff coming forward to claim those roles. This is great news for you! You now have the opportunity to train with New Wave Training Courses and take advantage of the skills shortage, whether you wish to learn how to be a chef and run your own kitchen or take it that step further and manage your very own restaurant.
For more on the courses and study modes we are currently offering see the following:

Ship’s Cook Certificate Assessment
Start Your Career As Ship Cook If the idea of travelling around some of the world’s most exciting destinations, being exposed to a multitude of cuisines while expanding your horizons...
Food Safety Level 2 Award
Learn the Basics of Food Safety & Hygiene Our Food Safety Award Level 2 Course is designed to train you according to the requirements set by the Chartered Institute of...
Professional Culinary Diploma
Become a Professional Chef Most students who enrol in cooking classes for Professional Culinary & Chef Diploma Course, have the aim of becoming a professional chef. As well as cooking...

Interest Free Finance Option

Start a career paying up to £32,000 per year

LGV / HGV Training, Bus (PVC) Training and Forklift Training

New Wave Training School boasts some of the highest pass rates in LGV, PVC & Forklift training, thanks to our capable instructors who commit to training you to become a qualified driver in a short a space of time as possible.
If you wish to pursue a career as a professional driver, you have come to the right place. Our pass rates are among the highest and we train you in the least amount of time as possible. Our record is a reflection of our highly experienced and competent instructors. Whether you wish to our sure you LGV/HGV Lorry & PVC Bus driving licence or a career as a fork lift driver, our simple but effective approach is designed to ensure that you succeed with New Wave Training School.
For more information on the courses on offer, see the following:

Forklift Operator Training
Start Your Career As Forklift Operator With our experienced instructors, will take you from where you are to being a qualified and fully competent forklift operator.
PCV Training | Bus Driver Training | CPC Cat D Licence
Start Your Career as Professional Bus Driver Our high standard Bus Driver Training provides an exciting new career in professional bus or coach driving.
LGV Driver Training
LGV Jobs Paying Up To £32k Numerous LGV & HGV careers have begun right here at New Wave LGV training school. Becoming a LGV driver will create a number of...