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New Wave Training School is dedicated to making online training accessible, affordable, and flexible to anyone looking to further their career prospects. This is why we enable you to study according to your own schedule and spread tuition fees over an agreed upon period. It is in our interest to see our students go on to become successful in their chosen career path, which is why we provide you with the very best training from our expert instructors.

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LGV, HGV & PVC Driver Training

LGV HGV & PCV Driver Training

Our HGV training is based on a combination of class room based and on the road practice sessions, for new drivers to enable them learn the skills to handle large vehicles safely.
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Fitness & Active Leisure

If you are looking for a career as a Personal Fitness Trainer and keen to take those first steps into the fitness industry, then our Professional Fitness Courses could be just the start you need.

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IT and Computer Courses

IT & Computer Training Courses

We provide high standard computer training courses. We design our computer courses according to your level of computer knowledge.

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Culinary Chef Cooking Courses

Culinary & Chef Training

Train to become a professional chef with our culinary and chef training courses. Part time and full time chef diploma and cooking classes with 0% funding options.

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"Andy was an extremely supportive trainer throughout my training, with his extensive knowledge and simple explanations helping me through those difficult moments. He always went that extra mile and was willing to help me in any way he could."

Martin Edwards

Martin Edwards

Student, Personal Training Diploma

“The course provided me with real life scenarios which helped me to put what I was learning into context. My instructor recognised my individual learning style and provided me with the appropriate training and support. I can't recommend New Wave highly enough.”

Tony Grey

Tony Grey

Student, Web Design Certificate

“An intensive work schedule was always going to make the course a challenge. However, the fantastic support could not have been more accommodating to my timetable. I passed the exam and now I'm applying what I learned every day in my new job. Thank you New Wave!”

Stephanie Williams

Stephanie Williams

Student, Yoga Training Diploma Course

Why Choose New Wave Training School?

Professional Career Courses

Easy Course Funding Options

Career Advice & Job Opportunities

Course Benefits

Loans & Funding Options

Don’t let the financial hurdles get in your way, we have choice of funding options to pay off for your training.

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Jobs & Apprenticeships

We help our students to take next step towards their career by sourcing career opportunities and providing job links.


Why Choose New Wave Training School

We aim to equip all our students to become highly skilled professionals in the world where many existing, new and growing industries hold a high demand for experts and professionals. With our prodigious standard of training, you attain a position where you are confident enough to make your way through in the industry of your choice. We turn our students into professionals who are entirely ready to move into the workforce or progress to the next level within their professions.

You are provided with training in sectors that are highly in demand, and for job roles that not only align with your dream career, but also pay you at a level your dedication deserves.

Our instructors are on hand to guide you through the course and give you the best possible chance of passing with confidence that you can apply what you have learned in your dream job. We also provide advice and job opportunities once you have completed the course.

With our flexible schedules and payment plans, it is easier than ever to be qualified and start the career that is right for you.

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Reasons To Choose New Wave Training School

– Professional training for in-demand careers
– Flexible course schedules
– Easy student loans & course funding options
– Career advice and job opportunities

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