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Becoming a top chef takes ambition, dedication, passion and skills. At New Wave chef training school, you will have the opportunity to develop your dream career in the culinary arts sector under our Chef lecturers and instructors. Our lecturers contribute their experience and knowledge gained in both the hospitality and education industries.

With our cooking classes & Chef training courses, you will attend class based lectures and will be involved in practical cooking classes where you will apply the skills and techniques you learned during class sessions.

Professional Chef Training Courses & Cooking Classes

Our Professional Chef Training Courses and Cooking Classes are prestigious training programmes designed to launch your career as a professional chef of the highest calibre, ready to meet the demands of today’s employers. You will be awarded one of the most renowned qualifications in your chosen career. Hospitality & culinary employers across the world recognise our diplomas. Our Chef Training Courses have been developed with the industry standard in mind.

Professional Culinary Diploma

Professional Culinary Diploma

This diploma launches your career in the industry and helps you to maintain your reputation within it. You will be trained in the essential core skills, along with the required business knowledge that will make you attractive to potential employers.

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Food Safety Level 2 Award

Food Safety Level 2 Award

This course is aimed to teach about the importance of food hygiene and safety, personal and legal responsibilities, food safe temperatures and storage and how food becomes contaminated.

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Ship’s Cook Certificate Assessment Course

Ship’s Cook Certificate Assessment

This course is ideally suited to experienced chefs who are already working on-board a vessel and need to update their certification. The Ship’s Cook Certificate Assessment verifies that a candidate has been assessed by an accredited organisation.

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Professional Cooking Classes & Chef Training Courses

The culinary industry in the UK is enjoying a resurgence, with more and more employers seeking qualified, talent chefs. The current skills shortage means that the diploma will give afford you great opportunities in employment.

Our cooking classes are a renowned qualification aimed at launching your career within the industry, ensuring that you’re not only able to demonstrate your skills at the highest standard, but also meet the demands of the modern employer.

Our Culinary and Chef training courses are the perfect education for anyone whose goal is to gain employment in catering or hospitality. It is also the perfect choice for chefs already working in the industry to refresh their learning.

You need these industry standard qualifications if you wish to be employed as a professional chef. You will achieve high standards of kitchen skills, such as frying and roasting, whilst also being trained in such workplace-based activities as designing menus.

Professional Culinary & Chef Training Courses

Benefits of Training With New Wave School

Increase earning potential

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Loans & Funding Options

Don’t let the financial hurdles get in your way, we have choice of funding options to pay off for your training.

Funding Options for cooking courses

Jobs & Apprenticeships

We help our students to take next step towards their career by sourcing career opportunities and providing job links.

Culinary Chef Jobs

Where Culinary & Chef Training Courses Would Take Me?

The employment scene within the culinary industry is a varied one. Professional Chefs can rise to such prominent positions as chefs/managers and supervisors in the kitchen. Numerous management positions across the industry are held by professional chefs.

Most professional chefs are employed in a restaurant or other dining venues. Schools and healthcare facilities also hire cooks. Some chefs are employed in private homes.

There are numerous advantages to attend our Culinary & Chef training courses, but one of the biggest is the salary. There are other great perks, too. If you manage to land a role as a professional chef for business executives, for example, or a celebrity, then your recipes may just make you famous.

You could even write your own cookery book, host your own cooking blog, or even launch a line of chef uniforms, hats, or cookware. Running your own catering business is another option.

An Overview of the Culinary and Hospitality Industry

There is no better time to be be trained for the culinary industry. Chefs and restaurateurs throughout the UK, from gastro pubs to Michelin stared restaurants, say that there are not enough working chefs to meet demand.

Culinary & Chef training course graduates are not limited to working in commercial kitchens; there are other related careers from which they can choose, such as product development, writing, and food styling.

Career as a professional chef is dynamic, exciting, and at times, prestigious. With the recent breakthrough of media cooking personalities, a career in the culinary arts has become more popular than ever.

Ultimately, however, your success in a culinary career is dependent upon your technical skills and academic standing. New Wave Chef Training School ensures that you achieve both of these before you enter the culinary industry.

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Frequently Asked Questions

For our professional Cooking Classes & Chef Training Courses, we have numerous payment methods available, including an interest free instalment plan. Our Career Advisers are always available to go through the options with you and help you to decide which option is best for you. We advise that you discuss your circumstances with one of our Career Advisers who will explain your options to you in full detail.

New Wave training school has provided a number of convenient and flexible ways for you to pay for your chosen course. If you are interested in enrolling on to our cooking classes, you can pay in full at the point of enrolment. You can also secure your place onto the course by paying a 10% deposit at the point of enrolment, and paying the final balance 28 days before the course date.

There are several options to choose to fund your course. You may personally fund your cooking course, paying by cheque, credit card or cash. Alternatively there are Government funded or personal finance options available. There is also a range of specialist industry related schemes for those leaving the armed forces and members of the Professional Footballers’ Association and the Professional Cricketers’ Association.

Additionally, depending on your personal circumstances, help may be available from government funded agencies, including community based projects and job centres.

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“I found the instructors to be amazing. They were only too happy to pass on their wealth of knowledge in their respective specialities in a patient and detail-oriented fashion. Their enthusiasm was contagious and it was an enjoyable experience I will never forget.”

Student, Food Safety Level 2 Award

“I cannot praise New Wave training school's cooking classes highly enough. There is a great combination of professionalism and a community-like spirit, with all students looking to encourage one another. I will have the techniques that I learned in my cooking course for life.”

Student, Ship’s Cook Certificate

“The Culinary & Chef Training Courses at New Wave School are just perfect. I learned the essential skills required by the culinary & chef industry and now I've graduated, I feel ready to go out there into the professional world and show the industry exactly what I can do.”

Student, Culinary & Chef Training Courses