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HGV Jobs Paying Up To £32k

With the growing amount of development in the country and various new and existing logistics & transport projects, the demand for trained, experienced and proficient drivers is on the rise hence a rise in the Bus & LGV / HGV jobs.

For the incoming projects in line and under planning the required number of trained LGV & HGV drivers has reached to 55,000 obliging the government to create more than 30,000 jobs that they’ve already created to meet the demands of this industry.

Our aim is not only to train you to pass your HGV driving test but also to give you the professional driving experience and confidence to drive the large vehicle safely which you carry through to your job. Once you pass your LGV / HGV driving test with us, we connect you to our HGV job links in the Logistics & Transport Industry so you can start your career as a professional LGV/HGV driver.

Train With Us & Earn Up to £32k a Year

At New Wave HGV Training School we help drivers to train to the professional level by teaching advanced driving qualifications and skills and to help them gain those important ‘on the road’ driving hours required by the top HGV job providers in the UK.

The freight industry is facing a shortage of 60,000 HGV drivers opening countless HGV jobs especially for freshly graduate people. The economy of any country relies on moving tons of goods each day in order to sync into the system and with the shortage of skilled drivers the odds of that happening have decreased to a shocking percentage creating thousands of HGV jobs all over the country.

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Bus Driving Jobs in London

We have HGV jobs paying up to £32k! Finance your training at 0% interest
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LGV HGV Jobs in London

Training with us makes it easier for you to find a LGV, HGV or bus driving job in London, the hub of logistics and transport companies. A city where everyone is out to get something done, offers a large number of  job vacancies in the transport and freight industry.

Soon after your HGV training we ensure to find you one of the many jobs located in London by connecting you to the leading transport job links in London.

HGV Jobs
LGV HGV Driving Jobs in Manchester & Birmingham

HGV Driving Jobs in Manchester

With our HGV driver training program you will be able to go after infinite number of Bus Driving jobs or HGV Jobs in Manchester with an attractive salary package and impeccable benefits. We help you find a suitable and promising job right in your hometown to keep your routine simple and easier.

With so many Job opportunities in this industry in London and Manchester we also offer to find you relevant jobs in Birmingham, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Durham, Ipswich, Leeds and Kettering. The possibilities of earning and making a good living with the training we provide you are unmatchable. Starting from your HGV training till your HGV job, we are there to support you and have your back.

PCV Bus Driving Jobs in London, Manchester & Birmingham

With our PCV bus driver training course you will be completing your first step towards getting a category D PCV bus driving license. The government requires you to be perfectly qualified and hold a Cat D driving licence and a certificate of professional competency (CPC) before you can start with your bus driving jobs. Your job nature as a PCV bus driver will be to ensure the safety of thousands of people who will take services from you every day and we make it possible for you to follow a gratifying career through our comprehensive and competent training course.

Our training is designed to flourish the talent that exists inside you already, you are set to start your bus driving jobs in major cities like London, Manchester and Birmingham. We polish your driving and customer service skills to make you more efficient at your bus driving job. With our help, forget about competing hard to get a job in logistics and transport industry because under current circumstances you will find a favourable bus driving job that is secure and pays well without any hurdles.

In big and busy cities like London, Manchester and Birmingham where business is blooming day by day and where busses are the most popular medium of transport for people, thousands of bus driving jobs for skilled and CPC holder bus and coach drivers are issued every day.

Depending on your training and skills you can make up to £30,000 per annum with your bus driving job. Better start always results in a better future so train with us to gain skills to succeed and grow in your career.

PCV Bus Driving Jobs in London, Manchester & Birmingham

We have HGV jobs paying up to £32k! Finance your training at 0% interest
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An Effective Analysis of the Logistics & Transport Industry

Currently the government has announced 564 rail and road schemes pledging about £411 billion to upgrade the infrastructure of the transport industry. A large number of sectors depend upon the freight industry to get their jobs done every day, without which it would become nearly impossible to meet the demands of the consumers. Trained forklift operators, PCV, LGV and HGV drivers are being offered jobs in bus & coach, freight & transport, airports & cargo, warehouses & storage and postal & courier services.

Due to the recruitment of LGV, HGV drivers the companies make a higher profit each coming year which they wouldn’t have without the resources to transport goods from one place to another. The cost of acquiring a LGV HGV driving license doesn’t even come any closer to what you make annually getting connected with this industry. It’s a win-win situation for everyone.

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PCV Bus Driver Jobs

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Don’t let the financial hurdles get in your way, we have choice of HGV funding options to pay off for your HGV training.

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HGV Jobs

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