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All inclusive HGV Training for your career

The two key factors of the popularity of HGV training are the significant changes in the driving laws in the UK and the shortage of skilled drivers all across the country. The situation calls for better salaries, greater benefits and a life securing rewarding career. It is our honour to mention that we have been responsible for training thousands of students for HGV driving in the past and present and shall continue to do so in the future.

Learn the new and better set of driving skills with our comprehensive HGV Training

We guarantee our students a distinctive and great quality HGV training so that they can kick start their career without any uncertainty. Our motives are simple in terms of HGV training, to help our students reach the goal of perfection amongst driving so they can easily pass their assessment and to start providing their services to help the economy of the country.

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HGV Training

An Overview to our HGV Training

Vehicles larger than basic cars require certain ways of handling which can only be grasped and mastered under a professional HGV training instructor. At New Wave Training School we train you till the point where we become certain that you are ready to pass the driving exam and start your first venture in the transport and logistics industry.

Train for Vehicles up to 3500 kg to 7500 kg

We offer you HGV training for various categories of licences. Depending on the size of your HGV, we determine the best category HGV licence for you so that you can become an expert staying within your required field of choice. Currently we cover different categories that include:

HGV Licence Categories

CAT C – For drivers who operate trucks like rigid lorries
CAT C+E – For drivers who operate the largest vehicles with trailers
CAT C1 – For drivers who operate vehicles between 3500 kg to 7500 kg
CAT C1+E – For drivers who operate vehicles between 3500 kg to 7500 kg with a trailer below 750 kg

We currently hold a 99% pass rate after our HGV training and our instructors are constantly working on adding new and latest methods of training in the course. To find out more call Us On: 0800 368 7570

Finance your HGV Training at 0% interest

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Job Prospects after your HGV Training

New Wave Training School provides you a base for your entire career that is to come ahead. Due to the lack of professional trained HGV drivers and growing communities, the government of the UK has made a huge number of vacancies to meet the needs of the flourishing economy.

Earn up to £32,000 Per annum

Your HGV Training can get you a job that pays up to £32,000 per annum. HGV Training London helps you finding tons of job postings online every single day. Learn more about our HGV Training Course by contacting us today and start on a path to success.

HGV Jobs throughout the country are based on a range of vehicles consisting of various haulage Lorries, delivery vans and tankers. We prepare you to spend on average 8 to 9 hours at work every day so that you can continue your career without any life threatening mistakes.

Your duties generally involve loading and unloading and the maintenance of the vehicle other than driving only.

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HGV Training
HGV Training London

Secure a rewarding career for lifetime

Once you train with us you will realize that your pathways to success in the logistics industry will open up so that you can get promoted depending on your qualities and hard work to a higher and a better rank and salary. You can easily grow to become a fleet manager or dispatcher.

Analysis of the Transport & Logistics Industry

The economic condition of the country is greatly based on a strong infrastructure which involves a lot of contribution from the transportation industry. The domestic activity in the freight industry has slowed down a little bit because of the lack of skilled HGV drivers giving us the opportunity to help and create experts in the driving industry with our HGV training.

Become a part of a revolutionary industry

On daily basis the truck and trailer leasing companies are emerging to get this industry back on the track. This is one huge industry where things are being revolutionised every single year for instance, amends in salary packages of the drivers and more incentives at the end of each year. Change your life today by enrolling in our HGV training and becoming a part of something big.

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