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HGV Jobs Paying Up To £32k

Numerous LGV & HGV careers have begun right here at New Wave LGV HGV training school. Becoming a LGV driver will create a number of opportunities for you that will allow you to make a very good living while creating a more stable future.

Our LGV HGV training will help you learn the skills required to drive large vans and other larger vehicles safely. Whether you aspire to be a delivery truck driver or ambulance driver, we will help prepare you for your career and to get you on a job.

With the success rate of more than 95% in our HGV training, you will be set to obtain your LGV HGV licence.

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How HGV Training & HGV Licence Would Progress My Career?

Due to a tremendous demand of skilled and professional HGV/LGV drivers we have developed a training course where you are trained for each and every situation that comes your way. We develop the potential in you which increases your chances of landing on a perfect platform with your LGV/HGV training and making a good amount of money per year.

As a HGV or LGV driver you can make up to £32,000 per annum and depending on your driving and other skills there are high chances of you growing and getting promoted in this industry. With the blend of our detailed and efficient training and your will and enthusiasm, you are bound to land on your desired favourable career.

There are various licence categories of HGV licence. It is important to determine which vehicles you plan to drive and therefore choose the most appropriate HGV licence category for you.

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Benefits of Becoming LGV Driver

Increase earning potential

Easy HGV Funding Options

95% Pass Rate & HGV Jobs

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HGV Loans & Funding

Don’t let the financial hurdles get in your way, we have choice of HGV funding options to pay off for your HGV training.

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HGV Jobs Opportunities

We help you to take next step towards your career by sourcing career opportunities & providing HGV job links.

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We have HGV jobs paying up to £32k! Finance your training at 0% interest
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Car and Trailer Training (Cat B+E)

If you already hold a CAT-B license, we have a designed specialised CAT B+E Licence training to help you prepare and qualify for your CAT-B+E licence test. This particular licence allows you to drive vehicles up to 750kgs and along with the training plan we offer, you’ll be an expert at reversing, driving and coupling the vehicle in the most efficient way.

With the CAT-B+E license in hand, you’ll be free to plan your camping trips in a caravan or bring along your horses with you in a horsebox. Whether you are set to tow luggage in a trailer or take some time off with the family for a road trip, we provide you with the best instructors to help you learn efficient driving skills to ensure your safety, the safety of others and of your trailer.

Cat B+E
Cat B=E licence diver training
Cat C1
Cat C1 licence

7.5 Tonne LGV training (Cat C1 Licence)

Do you plan to drive a larger vehicle of up to 7.5 tonnes? You’ll need an LGV category C1 licence. With a CAT-C1 license you will be eligible to drive a LGV of up to 7,500kgs. With the success rate of more than 95% in our training, you will be set to obtain your LGV CAT C1 licence.

With the rising demand of LGV drivers, we make sure you are able to pursue a favourable career for yourself. Whether you want to be a paramedic driving an ambulance or a delivery person driving a van, our LGV driver training will train you to be the best at your job and will develop a potential of growth and success in your career.

7.5 Tonnes plus Trailer: Cat C1+E Licence

With your LGV CAT C1 licence you may encounter situations where you’ll need to tow a trailer of 750kgs. For that you need a CAT C1+E licence training in order to qualify to tow a trailer of 750kgs or more on a large vehicle. Our HGV training course is specially designed to guide you through the most occurring as well as the rarest events that require proficient HGV driving skills.

Sign up with us to prepare and pass your theoretical and practical CAT C1+E license test and let us find the most perfect and secure HGV jobs for you to utilise your driving skills at. With the training we provide you, from recovery trucks to road maintenance trucks, the possibilities to grasp a suitable highly paying HGV job are endless.

Cat C1+E
Cat C1+E licence
Cat C
Cat C licence HGV training

CAT C Licence – For vehicles in excess of 7500kg with trailers up to 750kg

Get ready to pass Cat C HGV/LGV Class 2 licence with our LGV training course. This licence allows you to drive lorries in excess of 7500kg with trailers up to 750kg. Our qualified driving instructors make sure that you learn the required skills to safely operate category C vehicles and teach you the best way to attempt and pass your test first time.

We not only help you to pass your HGV Category C licence test but also help you to get a job soon after you get your licence. We have HGV jobs paying up to £30k per year. We also help to arrange 0% interest free loans for your HGV training. Call now and speak to us to find out more details.

Vehicles in excess of 7500kg with trailers over 750kg: Cat C+E HGV Licence

This licence category allows you to drive vehicles in excess of 7500kg with trailers over 750kg, the largest vehicle you can drive in the HGV industry. You need to have a Category C licence before you can attempt to obtain the Cat C+E licence and minimum age requirement is 18 years. This licence also commonly known as Artic, Class 1 or simply HGV licence.

With course duration up to 10 days (depending on your driving experience), the Cat C+E licence will help you to progress your career as a professional HGV driver. Due to the increase in demand for LGV/HGV drivers, taking this course would help you to take home a starting salary of up to £32,000 per year. For more information about the course please call us on 0800 368 7570 today.

Cat C+E
Cat C+E licence HGV training

We have HGV jobs paying up to £32k! Finance your training at 0% interest
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