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In order to make the most out of LGV & PCV driver training in the UK, it is imperative to choose the right driving school. At New Wave Training School, we provide professional lgv/hgv driver training at an affordable fee with 0% Interest finance option. We also help our students to find HGV jobs around UK.

New Wave Training School boasts some of the highest pass rates in London, thanks to our capable and highly experienced driving instructors who commit to training you to become a qualified LGV PCV Bus driver in a short a space of time as possible.

Truck (LGV) & Bus (PCV) and Forklift Driver Training

We adopt a simple and straightforward manner to taking and passing your test and helping you to take the first steps on the ladder of an LGV and PCV bus driving career and finding you HGV jobs paying up to £32,000 per annum. With years of experience training drivers for LGV & PCV license, we aim not only train you to the professional high standards but also to help you finding a right HGV job so you can pursue a reliable career. You can take one of our highly popular forklift training, which we offer at very competitive fees.
LGV & HGV Driver Training

LGV & HGV Driver Training

We are among the largest UK providers of LGV and HGV driver training. We provide official Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) examinations, with each category added and endorsed by the DVSA.

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Bus, PCV & Category D Training

Bus, PCV & Category D Training

We train you with a simple and straightforward approach, giving you the confidence to pass your test successfully and with ease. A bus driving career pays up to £32,000 per year.

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Certification Of Forklift Operators

Certification Of Forklift Operators

Considering a career as a forklift operator? You will need to undergo proper forklift training. Although there isn’t an official authority offering a license, there are a number of accrediting organisations with Health and Safety Executive approval.

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LGV & PCV Driver Training and Forklift Operator Training

This is required for any driver looking to operate a larger, commercial vehicle over 3.5 tonnes. There are four categories of commercial incenses, as follows:
Class C (vehicles in excess of 3500kg with trailers under 750kg)
Class C+E (for vehicles in excess of 3500kg with trailers in excess of 750kg)
Class C1 (for vehicles ranging from 3500kg to 7500kg with trailers under 750 kg)
Class C1+E for vehicles ranging from 3500kg to 7500kg with trailers over 750kg)

PCV driver training is required by UK law for drivers operating busses or coaches. There are a number of categories to choose from in Category D training.

If you are looking to enter the logistics or haulage industries, you will need forklift operator training. There isn’t a licensing authority as such, but there are a number of organisations with Health and Safety Executive approved accreditation. It is important for you to ensure that any driving school you consider for your LGV PVC driver or forklift training is accredited by one of these organisations.

To discuss your options you can speak to our dedicated course advisors on: 0800 368 7570

HGV / PCV and Forklift Training

Benefits of Becoming LGV Driver

Increase earning potential

Easy Course Funding Options

95% Pass Rate & Job Opportunities

LGV & PVC Driver Training

Loans & Funding Options

Don’t let the financial hurdles get in your way, we have choice of funding options to pay off for your training.

Forklift Operator Training

HGV Jobs & Apprenticeships

We help students to take next step towards their career by sourcing career opportunities & HGV jobs.

HGV / PCV Career Jobs

PCV, LGV, HGV Job Opportunities For a Trained Driver

There has always been a high demand of professionally trained LGV, HGV & PVC drivers in the UK’s transport & logistics industry. The government is attempting to address the current skills gap in the industry by creating 30,000 new rail and road job opportunities by the year 2020. However, 55,000 workers are needed, which means that we can expect the government to take even more actions with regards to LGV HGV jobs creation.

With a number of numerous plans, either currently in place or at the development stage, designed to improve the current skill base and provide new pathways for entrants to be successful in a number of rail and road transport roles, the sector is a potentially rewarding career for graduates.

The private sector HGV driving jobs are also on the rise as the new logistics and transport companies are emerging day by day in the UK. The job prospects are high with basic average salaries of 32K for professionally trained LGV, PVC drivers and Forklift operators.

To find out more about career options and LGV / HGV jobs, please speak to our dedicated course advisors on: 0800 368 7570

An overview of the Transport & Logistics Industry:

As a result of people taking twice as many journeys as they did in 1970, the government has pledged £411 billion towards 564 rail and road schemes and projects, as they look to modernise our transport infrastructure to combat the challenge we are certain to face.

With investment in airports, ports, rail, and roads at record levels, there is great demand for skilled workers to shape the UK’s transport infrastructure and network.

There are a number of sectors for trained LGV, PVC drivers and forklift operators to find a career in such as:

  • Bus and Coach
  • Airports & Cargo
  • Postal and Courier
  • Freight Transportation
  • Warehouses, Storage & Handling

To discuss your options you can speak to our dedicated course advisors on: 0800 368 7570

LGV & HGV Driver Licence Training

We have HGV jobs paying up to £32k! Finance your training at 0% interest
Call now on 0800 368 7570

Interest Free Finance Option

Find LGV HGV jobs paying up to £32,000 per year


We have jobs paying up to £32k! Finance your training at 0% interest
Call now on 0800 368 7570

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"Having recently having to start driving a much larger vehicle than I'm used to, I'd decided a refresher course would be useful to help me become a more competent and safer driver. Training with New Wave was simple and straightforward and the instruction was first class."

Student, PCV Bus Driver Training

“My highly-experienced instructor was empathetic throughout, which really helped me build my confidence. His observational skills were also outstanding as was his strong ability to communicate in a way that made it easy for me to learn and and pass my test.”

Student, Forklift Operator Training

“As a relatively new driver required to travel long distances for work, the course was an ideal way to learn and build on my existing abilities. My instructor helped me to take the next step and to build my confidence with driving on the motorway and in larger cities.”

Student, LGV Driver Training