Certified Network Administrator Course

Become a Certified Network Administrator

Employers tend to look for individuals with competent communication skills when seeking a network administrator. You will need to engage in complex problem solving activities and provide solution orientated ideas to colleagues from both technical and non technical backgrounds.

With our Network Administrator Course at New Wave Training School, we prepare you for a rewarding career in a role that is constantly in demand, through a series of modules designed to give you a wide breadth of knowledge that employers crave. With that demand on the rise, it is the perfect time to get trained and improve your career prospects and enrol in our Certified Network Administrator Course.

How a Certified Network Administrator Course Would Progress My Career

Certified Network Administrator Course is open to students from a range of educational backgrounds. This is good news for you as it means that you aren’t required to spend four years of formal education before being ready to take on your first job in your new career.

Our Certified Network Administrator Course is designed around situations and problems in real world environments. Computer networks play an important role in today’s office based environment and will continue to play a significant role in commercial expansion as businesses begin to invest in updated network systems in order to increase production and their position within the marketplace.

Certified Network Administrator Course offers a range of specialisations so ensure to speak with one of our advisers on which path is best suited to your strengths and abilities. Areas include WAN and LAN installation and system configuration, network security training, and routing and switching.

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Network Administration & Infrastructure Technician Course

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Certified Network Administrator Course

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Job Prospects After Certified Network Administrator Course

After some time being responsible for managing the LAN, there will be other opportunities open to you, such as a technician’s role, which will see you become more involved in setup, repairs, and troubleshooting. Or you may wish to consider a move into engineering and conduct security testing and upgrades.

Once you have gained sufficient experience, you could move into network management, or even into other related areas, such as consultancy or project management.

More companies than ever are hiring network administrators to modify current systems in order to improve production and reduce costs. There is constant demand for network administrators, which has led to employment experts labelling the role a “recession proof career”.

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The government-backed Advanced Learner Loan scheme helps you build on your skills and fund the full cost of your course with a loan of up to £2882. There are no credit checks and applications are not dependent on your household income. Plus you do not have to repay your loan until the April following completion of your learning aim and until you’re earning over £21,000 per year or more. Even if your current earnings are above this threshold, you don’t need to make any repayments until the April following your course.

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