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If the idea of helping people improve their physical fitness and body shape motivates you, then our Personal Trainer Courses just may be for you. As a professional Personal Trainer Instructor you will be leading, instructing, and motivating either individuals or groups, in stretching, cardiovascular exercise, and strength training.

You will be seen as an authority by the members of the health club as they seek you out for assistance. Fitness instructing is a rewarding career that enables you, not only to help people, but visibly see the results that you have achieved as a team.

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How a Personal Trainer Course Would Progress My Career

We at New Wave Training School provide you with the education and knowledge that you will need, not just for the qualification, but for the real world and the fitness industry itself.

In our Personal Trainer Course we will help you both understand the theory and practical aspects of personal training. You will be taught everything you need to know to start and maintain a career as a personal trainer instructor, such as designing customised exercise programmes, assessing fitness levels of clients, proper exercise techniques, and physiology.

Our highly experienced instructors won’t hold anything back when it comes to advising you on beginning your journey into an industry where opportunities are endless.

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Personal Trainer Instructor Certificate Course

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Personal Trainer Courses

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Personal Trainer Courses

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Personal Trainer Course – Job Prospects & Career Opportunities

One you complete your Personal Trainer Course, there are opportunities for personal trainers to advance into management in a fitness centre or health club. You may go on to assume the role of a head trainer, where you would oversee the staff’s personal training, attract new members and clients, and recruit new instructors (as well as other staff).

If you wished to move into other roles within a fitness centre or health club, the position to group exercise director, which would see you responsible for coordinating exercise classes and hiring instructors, could be something to consider.

After more experience, and if management is an area that appeals to you, you may be given the opportunity to become a general manager or fitness director.

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