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If the idea of travelling around some of the world’s most exciting destinations, being exposed to a multitude of cuisines while expanding your horizons and taking advantage of your capabilities as a cook, a career as a ship’s cook could be the perfect fit for you and our Ship’s Cook Certificate Assessment Course would help you to progress your career as a Ship’s Cook.

The demands of the job may be high but so is the excitement and pleasure in the work. Develop your culinary skills to a professional level and prepare you for a career as a head chef. At New Wave Training School, we take you by the hand as we help launch you into one of the most exciting careers in the industry.

How a Ship’s Cook Certificate Assessment Course Would Progress My Career

At New Wave Training School, our passion for wanting you to succeed is second to none. When you begin your Ship’s Cook Certificate Assessment course with us, you will be on your way to one very exciting career.

Our instructors have an extensive history working on cruise ships and have trained countless students for the Ship’s Cook Certificate Assessment Course. Our training will open up opportunities for you to work, not just on cruise ships, but also on large motor and sailing yachts.

We will be guiding you through each stage of the course and offering you an insight into what it is like to cook at sea, all the while preparing you for the career of your dreams.

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Ship’s Cook Certificate Assessment Course

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Ship’s Cook Certificate Assessment Course – Job Prospects & Career Progression

From a career as a ship’s cook, you will have all of the opportunities that a cook working in a traditional restaurant will have. You could move up into a managerial role or it may be that you would prefer to spend time working in a conventional kitchen beforehand.

If the idea of becoming an executive appeals to you, there will be opportunities for you to progress to a sous or executive chef, where you will be able to put your own stamp on the establishment. Of course, from there, if you wished to pursue fame and fortune, you never know: you may just become the next Gordon Ramsey.

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