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Software developers are born problem solvers with exceptional analytical skills and an ability to think outside of the box. They are also creative with a high level of technical expertise that is required to see a complex task through to completion.

At New Wave Training School, we offer specially designed professional Software Developer Courses that will not only equip you with the additional skills you need to perform the tasks of a software developer, but you will gain the confidence you need to launch your career and gain that all-important first job.

How a Software Developer Course Would Progress My Career

Our Software Developer Courses cover a broad range of topics, covering the necessary skills for your chosen career. Much of your study time will focus on building software as that will be the core of what you will do in your role as a software developer.

A career as a software developer will require that you stay up to date on new computer languages and tools. Our experienced course teachers will advise you on the best ways of doing this.

Larger companies feature a structured career path, where if you are new to the industry, you will be given assignments in various team projects in a variety of areas. Most firms will provide further training in areas related to specific tasks.

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Software Developer Courses

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Software Developer Courses

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Software Developer Course

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Software Development Courses

Software Developer Course – Job Prospects & Career Opportunities

In your first role, you are likely to be working under supervision, assessing the work that needs to be carried out for systems and coding. You will have the opportunity to progress to where you will be preparing specifications on any programs that may be need developing.

Further progression is typically into management through project management and team leadership roles, or to consultant/designer through technical specialisation.

Software developers are typically specialists and often work for one company; quite possibly within the same role, for a large part of their career. Some, however, grow and develop their role to the point where software development becomes a mere part of the wider part they play within the company, such as education, IT training, and technical writing.

Depending in the organisation that you work for, you could become either an application or systems specialist.

At New Wave Training School, we design our Software Developer Course so you can be ready and confident to compete the challenges of professional work life.

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