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Progress Your Career As A Web Developer

Skills and knowledge are typically the most sought after requirements in the field of web development. The Web Design and Development Course at New Wave Training School not just turn you into a highly capable web developer, but also prepare you for the workplace. No matter whether you wish to work in the public or private sector, we will assist you in achieving the balance of professional and technical knowledge that employers are looking for.

Both the 9-5 route and self-employment are common. Almost all companies need web development work completed at some point, whether they are a start-up or are looking for an overhaul to their existing website, so there will be no shortage of opportunities for you as a web developer.

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0% Course Funding Options

Don’t let the financial hurdles get in your way, we have 0% funding option to pay off for your training.

CALL US ON: 0330 3909 293

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How a Web Development Course Would Progress My Career

Our Web Design & Development course will provide you with in-depth knowledge of programming and coding using various web languages such as HTML, Javascripts, CSS, PHP etc. Our experienced instructors make sure you get the problem solving skills. More importantly, we will place you in a position to benefit from the concepts and skills this course would provide you.

Employers usually don’t mind how you gained your skills and knowledge, so long as you can demonstrate them and talk about the technical requirements of the job with confidence. New Wave Training School can provide you with the skills you need to make a positive impression on the job, and even at the interview stage in our post-course advice sessions.

Typically, web developers will go on to enhance their programming skill, while at the same time, specialising in one or two technologies and/or languages. It is important to update your skills in this industry, try your hand at new new advancements, and possibly integrate them into the company.

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Web Development Course – Job Prospects

After completing our Web Design & Web Development Course, web developers in either tech companies or agencies typically begin their career path in an entry-level position before moving up the ladder into a mid-level or senior developer role. In an agency environment, this often means more face-to-face contact with clients, even taking charge in client meetings, and spending more time working on key projects.

You may then be given the opportunity to progress to head of development, a technical lead, or lead developer. This would typically see you manage a web development team, as well as provide your thoughts and insight into the company’s goals and strategies. From there, you can go on to become a senior, and maybe even assume a role on the board, such as technology vice president or chief technical officer (CTO).

Working for a smaller company can speed up your career progression, as you will almost certainly be required to take on more responsibility more frequently. However, progression may not follow the typical path as it would in a larger organisation.

Web Development Career Prospects & Jobs

Frequently Asked Questions

For our Web Design & Web Development Courses, we have numerous payment methods available, including an interest free instalment plan. Our Career Advisers are always available to go through the options with you and help you to decide which option is best for you. We advise that you discuss your circumstances with one of our Career Advisers who will explain your options to you in full detail.

New Wave Training School provides you with a choice of flexible and convenient methods of payment for whichever course you ultimately choose. If you are looking to enrol on the Web Design & Web Development Course, you can pay the balance of the course upon enrolling. Or if you’re prefer, you can pay a 10% deposit when you enrol, with the remainder of the balance due 28 days prior to the start of the course.

There are a number of options when it comes to funding your Web Design & Web Development Course. You could of course pay for the course personally, by either cash, credit card, or cheque. If that isn’t feasible, there are personal finance or Government funded options open to you. Additionally, there is a number of specialist industry schemes for those who are leaving the armed forces

Additionally, help may be available from government funded agencies such as community based projects and job centres.